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Tips To Hire Affordable Car In Malaga Airport

Are you planning to travel to Malaga, Spain anytime soon and you don’t know the tips on how car hire Málaga service works? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. There are various tips you need to know about car hire Málaga airport.

No doubt that Malaga Airport has remained one of the biggest airports in Spain, which give you the privilege to explore many areas in Malaga without stress. If you desire to rent a car before coming to Malaga, I suggest you use Carhireindex which is the best car hire service in Malaga. Their prices and customer service personnel is superb.

Tips To Rent A Car Málaga Airport Or Rent A Car Marbella

Now let’s look at the various tips to rent an affordable car Málaga airport. When it comes to car hire at Malaga airport, there are several tips to consider. The following are some of the tips:


Early Booking

Fuel Policy

Check the car model

Credit Card

Personal Care


No doubt that there are multiple cars hires companies in Malaga Airport. Car rental companies are predominant in Malaga Airport, Marbella, but their prices are very expensive. You need to settle for an affordable car hire company with quality service delivery. The kind of rental service you book will determine how fun or bad your stay can be in Malaga.

Carhireindex remains one of the cheapest and reliable car hire Malaga. This car hire service company has been around for years now. They are versatile in car hire service. Also, you wouldn’t want to spend all your money on car Rental Company. It is best you settle down with an affordable car hire company like Carhireindex for a fun-filled stay in Malaga.

Early Booking

Book your car on time, even before arrival. Ensure you take this point very seriously. Though some car rental service in Malaga airport can be stressful to book online, there are other car hire Málaga airport service that does not stress. Like Carhireindex gives a fair deal if you book online. They have discount packages you can earn. It is always good to book your car before taking off. It makes you relax and organize your trips.

Fuel Policy

This is very important. This cannot be undermined, ensure you check the fuel policy of any car hire service you plan to use. Be sure to check if you need to return the car with fuel, or if you are to make an upfront payment for the fuel tank. Some car hires Malaga airport company are always discrete about their fuel policy. The Carhireindex is the right choice to make, they give client proper clarification over fuel policy.

Check The Car Model

Most car rental company in Malaga Airport do not guarantee the exact model of their cars. This is not a good one, ensure you ask for the model, make and how many seaters they render. Openness runs in the choice of car you want at Carhireindex car hire Malaga. We have different models and our fleets of cars are brand new. We also have 7, 8, and 9 seaters vehicles for groups or families. It is important you check the car model, make and size before making payment.

Rent a car with Credit Card

When you use a credit card to rent a car in Malaga airport, you indirectly purchase additional protection. This gives you the privilege and the right to complain if you were not offered the car hire service you paid for. For instance, some car hire service does not represent what they preach, and when you get entangle with such company, you simply go to the bank to get a refund, on the ground that the car hire company refuse to listen to your complaint.


There are several tips on how to rent an affordable car hire service in Malaga airport, but if indeed you desire a smooth and fun-filled holiday in Malaga, use Carhireindex the perfect car hire service company in Malaga for your total satisfaction. Using our car hire service will give you rest of mind. We run 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days service a year. Your total satisfaction is our utmost priority.