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Pick up a car rental in Malaga and get to know the city Malaga and Marbella in the Costa del Sol. If you need a car to go Gibraltar, we can help you.

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Car Hire Málaga

Car Hire is a company where you can rent the car that best suits your needs so you can enjoy the tourist sites offered by Spanish cities without having to worry about transportation.

If you want to know cities such as Malaga, Marbella or Gibraltar, but do not like traditional tours or just want to do it on your own and follow your own itinerary, Car Hire is your ideal option. With Car Hire you have the freedom of moving wherever you desire when visiting tourist sites, because when you rent a car you decide when and where to go. With several elections and competitive prices Car Hire is the best option you can have when renting a car for your vacation.


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Marbella - Ronda

If your intention is to rent a car in Marbella and not have to depend on anyone this is a good way to enjoy more of the time and if you do not know what to do or where to go let us propose you one of the most winding routes of Malaga very possibly of the roads with ams curves of the province of Malaga, the destination Ronda, which can be said of Ronda that has not been said yet, little could be added.

From Cádiz to Gibraltar

Gibraltar La La Linea, first and foremost, if you do not like to queue, look for parking in La Linea and crossings to Gibraltar on foot as the car entries in Gibraltar are continuous and the controls and the traffic makes the access to the Rock be very slow.

Once inside you can enjoy a bit of Britain, for the traveler who sees for the first time Gibraltar is surprised by the contrast of the two cultures one Latin and the other a mixture of Latin character with the British.


The streets adapted to the course of the river have known how to take advantage of the erosion of the river to build their houses. The houses are not excavated in the rock as in other areas, but the rock walls are closed and then the houses are made. This has led to places as beautiful as the streets of the Cuevas de la Sombra and the Cuevas del Sol, which have the peculiarity that we can only see the rock of the mountain, instead of the sky, when we look up.


The descent begins in some freshwater pools, where many stay to cool off and the descent begins, in summer the water of the river descends a lot and in some sections there is a lot of mud and slippery stone.

After a few kilometers of adventure and we see the walls of the river begin to narrow, and the water begins to rise, sometimes gradually, you will walk and in others swim as the depth is enough to not stand.


Malaga is a city that offers different places to visit, being one of the largest tourist destinations that Spain offers. In this city civilizations such as the Romans, Phoenicians and Greeks established their commercial routes due to the privileged location of its port. Among the sites that you can visit in Malaga are the fortress of the Alcazaba, built by the Arabs in the 8th century, Castillo de Gibralfaro, linked to the Alcazaba by a wall, the Archaeological Museum, the Dtreetlight Promenade, the Roman Theater, among may zabaer attractions.

Another thing you should know about Malaga is that it was the birthplace of the world-renowned artist Picasso and you can find a museum dedicated to him. Churches and cathedrals such as the church of Santiago or the cathedral “La Maquita” (for its unfinished right tower) are places that you should not miss when visiting Malaga. Holy Week is the best time to visit Malaga because in each neighborhood popular fervor floods the streets.

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The city of Marbella offers wonderful beaches and varied sites of interest for those who visit it. Puerto Banús, is one of the most emblematic places of Marbella, surrounded by exclusivity, famous shops and receiving every year the largest and most luxurious yachts. The beaches that Marbella offers are endowed with beauty and also have different services such as shops and restaurants, ideal for tourists.

Among the tourist attractions that can be found in Marbella we can name the Plaza de los Naranjos, surrounded by the town hall and the old Casa del Corregidor, the welesia Mayor de la Encarnación, Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving (the most important in Spain of its kind) , among other attractions. As for the natural landscape, Marbella also presents places to go on excursions, such as Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, Istán (famous for its springs) and Ojén.

The ideal time to visit the city of Marbella is during the Fiestas de San Bernabé, held during the first half of June. These parties are full of concerts, bullfights and other activities. Holy Week and the festivities of San Pedro de Alcántara, which take place in October, are other great dates to get to know Marbella.

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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory whose geographic position has turned it into a strategic enclave for Africa and Europe. To get to Gibraltar you only have to cross the Line of the Conception (only border crossing) and if you want you can do it by foot. One of the biggest attractions of Gibraltar are the low prices of products such as tobacco and gold.

Among the tourist attractions that this town offers you can find, the bay of Algeciras that has a cable car from where you can see wonderful views, The monkeys of Gibraltar that are cared by the local authorities, since tre is a legend has it that if they also disappear British will disappear from Gibraltar.

Another place you should visit are the tunnels of the great siege, the cave of San Miguel, the lighthouse at the tip of Europe and the Morisco castle. In this town there is a very strange mixture between the English and Spanish languages ​​very similar to Spanglish whose name is “llanito”.

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